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Easter in the Parish

Easter Sunday 06.30 (a.m.) Easter Day Sunrise Service on Heaton Hill followed by breakfast in Heaton Village Hall 10.00 All-Age Eucharist and Easter Egg Hunt at St Martin’s 10.30 Eucharist and Easter Egg Hunt at St Barnabas 10.30 All-Age Eucharist and Easter Egg Hunt at St Paul’s 10.30 All-Age Eucharist at St Philip’s

Premises Co-Ordinator Required

The new Parish of Girlington, Heaton & Manningham requires a Property Co-ordinator to manage lettings at its four worship centres and an adjacent village hall. These five buildings have space which can be hired for community use. The role includes organising bookings, setting up rooms and opening and closing the various venues as required. The […]

God’s Grace is for all

Today’s message was very clear. God’s grace sustains us, through Jesus Christ. And our closing hymn, All Things Bright and Beautiful, reminds us of all the good things he has made for us. And, like the woman in Mark’s Gospel, all we have to do is ask. Even if (ESPECIALLY if) the way ahead seems […]

“Some do not believe”

Jesus said, “It is the spirit that gives you life, the flesh is useless” [John 6:63] We are made of flesh and bone, of course, but is that all? Is there anything else? What brings everything together? Who wrote the rule book on which our frail bodies depend? Some would believe that random cosmic particles […]

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