Giving during Coronavirus

People have been asking how we fund the Church during Coronavirus – and the answer is the same as always. By the generous giving of its members!

Have a look at our Donations Page if you can help us financially in any way.

Praying for the Parish

In July we plan to leave ” Heart Prayer Bombs” around the Parish. If you find one please take a photo and tweet or gram it with the tag #pray4BD. Please share your photo and tag widely if appropriate. There will be a phone number for more private prayer requests.

Meeting Points

St Barnabas Wednesday 1st July at 2pm
St Paul’s Wednesday 1st July at 1.30pm
St Philip’s Thursday 2nd July, at 7pm
St Martin’s Tuesday 7th July at 2pm

New Urban Pioneer Minster Licensed Today

Today Bishop Toby licensed Clare Leighton to our Parish. The event took place in Lister Park as a prophetic act to say this appointment is for outside the walls of our church. Please pray for Clare as she settles into her new life here with us in Bradford.

Clare’s Licensing
Not looking very Urban!!

Allotments on Ashwell Road

Update regarding the allotments owned by the Parochial Church Council of the Parish of Girlington, Heaton and Manningham, which includes St Barnabas Church.

 The Parochial Church Council met on 3rd November 2019 and debated the many representations from both allotment tenants and the general public that both opposed and supported the sale of this land.  After much deliberation the PCC decided to proceed with the sale The 12 allotments have therefore now been sold in their existing form, with no change of use within that transaction and without affecting the rights of the current allotment holders.

These allotments are not the Bradford Council Allotments on Heaton Hill – they are a smaller area between Ashwell Road and Wilmer Drive – behind St Barnabas Church.

The Parish believes that everyone has a responsibility to respect God’s creation at this time of ecological crisis. The Parish is committed to caring for God’s earth in many ways including a Green Energy Survey on our buildings and providing green space in all our Church yards for the community.

The Parish of Girlington, Heaton and Manningham continues to focus its energy, efforts and resources on its prime charitable objectives. Every pound made from sale of the land will be re-invested in the ongoing work and projects that the churches undertake to benefit all the people of the parish whatever their background, faith or ethnicity.