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The Revd Ben Care, currently Assistant Curate at Burton St Chad & Stretton with Claymills in the Lichfield Diocese is to become Associate Vicar of Girlington, Heaton & Manningham in the Bradford Episcopal
Area.   Ben will be licenced on 23rd  November 2021 at 7pm at St Paul’s Church, Manningham by Bishop Toby Howarth.

Ben introduces himself below….

I am delighted to have been appointed as the new Associate Minister for the parish of Girlington, Manningham and Heaton.

A little about me: I became a Christian aged 20 whilst at Warwick university and it transformed my life. Helen and I met and married on a Christian year out course in 2001 and have been trying to follow where Jesus leads ever since. Along the way I have worked and volunteered for mission organisations and I have long had a heart to see people of different faiths and backgrounds come to know Christ. Eventually the twists and turns of this journey led to being ordained in 2017 and serving my curacy in two churches in Burton upon Trent, in the Midlands. The things that I am passionate about are seeing God’s church become more fully what it can be; for us to be growing as disciples, living out His call on our lives wherever that finds us and being a people committed to His word and grappling with it. My hope is that as we grow and change more into His likeness this will spill over into the lives of those around us.

I will be coming with my family; my wife, Helen, and our daughters Anna (aged 11) and Lyla (aged 6). We love spending time outdoors, walking and exploring the countryside and nature so we’re really looking forward to getting to know the area. I am a board game geek, bookworm and coffee connoisseur.

I am excited to be joining you as we seek to serve Christ in this parish together.

Baptisms June 2021


On June 20 2021 we had a joyous occasion as we held baptisms!  Many had been waiting most of the pandemic for this moment. So it was especially meaningful.

You can find the livestream available here.  If you came to the service and couldn’t see the baptism well – then a very special close up view is worth watching.

We did manage to go outside to say a proper farewell to Sue – here is a short montage of pictures and a bit of video of her parting words.

APCM Videos – Recap of 2020 – Forward to 2021 and beyond

Thanks to the many of you who attended our APCM on 30th May 2021.  It came around quickly this time since our last one was in November 2020.

As well as the formal meeting and administration there was a video recap of the year, a parable and some group discussion about our vision for the future.  For those of you who couldn’t attend or if you want to attend again…..!

You can watch the recap of 2020 here:

You can hear the Parable of the Two Luncheon Clubs and the meaning explained on this video:

Community Pantry

The Community Pantry is at St Philip’s church on Tuesday afternoons between 12 and 1pm.

​By joining the scheme, your £5 will stretch further, getting you 16 items of mainly fresh food. £1 of this can be put into a savings account with Credit Union.

How does this work?

Each week there will also be a changing selection of fridge items (perhaps milk, eggs, cheese, meat items etc) and a good stock of cupboard staples

The cost is £5 each time you visit, you don’t need any referral – just turn up.

For your £5 you will then be able to choose what you would like. The choice will change each week but there will always be a selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and bakery items.

We will also save £1 of each payment in your own credit union account if you would like. We can help you open an account so don’t worry. This is then your account and your savings – to which you can add more or withdraw it as you need.

You will need bring your own bags and register a few basic details with us.

You can Save through credit union too!

For further provision on other days please see –

We are part of Wellsprings Together


Actual example of what you got for £5 in Jan 2021

Where our food comes from

We receive food from Storehouse. They have partners who donate food that is ‘unwanted’, which could be because they have over-ordered / over-produced, or because the food is nearing or past its best before date. All of the food is safe and of excellent quality, merely surplus to somebody else’s requirements.

Their food partners include supermarkets, wholesalers, local markets and other local traders.

Since Storehouse started, they have intercepted over 600 tonnes of food that would have otherwise gone to landfill!

Time:  12-1pm – every Tuesday

Cost:   £5

For more information call: 07434627013

Where:  St Philips Church, Thorn Street, Girlington, BD8 9QW

24 Advent Angels

This year we will produce 24 readings about angels as a countdown to Christmas.  If you are already subscribed to our YouTube Channel you will get notifications of each new video daily.  If you aren’t subscribed and you’d like to be click here.

Although in the Bible Angels generally appear when you least expect it, our angels will be appearing in your phone or inbox at 8am sharp each morning of Advent.

We will be working through the past 3-4000 years of recorded history and hearing stories of Angels and what messages they brought to God’s people.

Some have not managed to get the YouTube notifications working for them – if you are logged in you can go to and you’ll see a list of all your channels – it’s alphabetical so we’ll be near the bottom.

You will see something like this image below – clicking on the bell gives you options to increase your notifications – if you don’t want to miss anything click ‘All’!

Please contact us if you need more information.


Hope Restored – A Journey of Hope for All Souls Day

This season has left many of us with a sense of loss and mourning, we wanted to make some space and ask ourselves:
How we make sense of what we have lost?
How can we seek hope for ourselves and those around us?
“Come and think about loss, to name it, to remember well and move to a more hopeful and peaceful understanding.”
On 1st November 2020 we hosted a Journey of Hope.
There were 5 stations taking us through a journey of grief ending with a chance to celebrate loved ones more publicly and leave with a renewed sense of hope.
  • Shock and Numbness
  • Yearning and Searching
  • Disorientation and Despair
  • Reorientation and Recovery
  • The Journey Home
Thanks to all those who made it a meaningful occasion.

Corona Creativity

During Coronavirus Lockdown in 2020 many in our churches crocheted hearts and flowers to leave around the Parish with contact details as a visible sign that we are praying for all those who live here. Can you see yours? (Click to see them larger!) #Pray4BD

Giving during Coronavirus

People have been asking how we fund the Church during Coronavirus – and the answer is the same as always. By the generous giving of its members!

Have a look at our Donations Page if you can help us financially in any way.

Praying for the Parish

In July we plan to leave ” Heart Prayer Bombs” around the Parish. If you find one please take a photo and tweet or gram it with the tag #pray4BD. Please share your photo and tag widely if appropriate. There will be a phone number for more private prayer requests.

Meeting Points

St Barnabas Wednesday 1st July at 2pm
St Paul’s Wednesday 1st July at 1.30pm
St Philip’s Thursday 2nd July, at 7pm
St Martin’s Tuesday 7th July at 2pm