Parish Teams Meeting – 7 March 2023

Much was discussed at this meeting – here are some notes of our discussions.

GHM is at its best when…

  • We are serving all cultures and backgrounds
  • We are working together towards a well-understood objective, with well understood values, which we share, helping each other out as we go.
  • We involve our full membership
  • We work together with clear aims to serve God
  • We are loving those outside our membership as well as inside
  • There are people from all the different churches mixed up together
  • You see people being thoughtful of one another
  • We are helping others
  • We all work together
  • We get together informally
  • We pray on a Sunday for lots of different people
  • People help others less fortunate than themselves.

Three areas for concern are:  What can we do?


Is helping all people to become more like Jesus.
It is Costly.  One hour on a Sunday is not enough to become a mature disciple of Jesus.
This is the bedrock for everything else – if we are Disciples – we will care and evangelise!  This brings people in – Pastoral Care keeps people in!
It’s OK to be vulnerable with others.


People of our parish need to know we think they are valuable and that we care.
What follow up do we need after RESTORE
This needs serious praying!
We need some training. We need persistence and intentionality.

Pastoral Care

Can we make a Menu of what we offer as a Parish?
How can people opt in?
How do we know what is going on if people don’t tell us?
What can we do for those who can’t get to gathered worship?