Rands Almshouses

The Rands Almshouses

The Charity was founded by John and Ethel Rand, Millowners, during the nineteenth century to provide homes for poor persons formally in their employ or otherwise resident in the Parish of Manningham.  The original alms houses were situated in Ashwell Road, off Toller Lane. They are no longer there!

The Rand family built a Mill in 1803 to spin worsted yarn and cotton.  Their sons became prominent Bradford citizens.  William became an Alderman in 1847 and Mayor in 1850.  The Mill was demolished in 1890, the Alhambra theatre in central Bradford now stands on the site.

The Charity is no longer related to the provision of Almshouses but now is a Charity for the alleviation of need, hardship or disaster either generally or individually of persons living in The Parish of Girlington, Heaton and Manningham.

The Trustees may give help by way of money or any way that the Trustees may deem appropriate and may include donations of subscriptions to bodies providing services or facilities for such persons in need.

In exceptional circumstances support may be given to some persons living immediately outside the area of benefit.

Money may not be provided in relief of rates, taxes or other public funds but may supplement.

All payments are to be made on a ‘One Off’ basis and cannot be committed as repeat payments.

If you feel we could be of help to you or if you know of someone in need then please Contact Us or apply for a grant here.

(At present we only accept applications from organisations on behalf of others – so please don’t apply if the grant is for you.)

(Registered Charity No:  223005)