Easter 2022

Here is how Easter will look across our Parish this year:

Palm Sunday – 10th April

10.30am Breakfast Church  – St Paul’s Manningham
7pm Prayer and Praise – St Phillip’s Girlington


10.30am Communion Service – St Barnabas Heaton

Maundy Thursday

7pm – Foot Washing & Reflective Service  – St Martin’s, Heaton

Good Friday

3pm – All 4 Churches – Walk of the Cross (Scattered and Gathered)

Did you know that if you draw lines between our churches it makes a cross?

We will meet at 3pm at ALL FOUR of our churches.  After a short start to our service we will walk/drive to a the centre of this cross to finish our service. The Lower Playing field on Scotchman Road

Easter Sunday

6.30am Churches Together Easter Celebration – Heaton Hill
(Breakfast afterwards in St Barnabas Village Hall)

10.30am All Age Easter Celebration – St Paul’s Manningham

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