St Paul’s Previous Clergy

1848 October 2nd St Paul’s Church Consecrated

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1848-1880 Rev Canon Welbury Mitton

1880-1895 Rev T Kirkham

1895-1898 Rev A. A. Williams

1898-1909 Rev E Richards

1910-1927 Rev Cecil S. Thomas

1927-1952 Rev R.B. Vanstone Rural Dean

1952-1965 Rev J.W. Winder

1965-1969 Rev G Ashford

1968 May 22nd St Jude’s (Lumb Lane) joined with St Paul’s

1970-1972 Rev P Hawkins Licensed as Assistant Curate

1969-1981 Rev N.C. Francis

1981-1986 Rev J Halsall Hon. Assistant Curate

1984 April 11th Formation of Parish of Manningham – St Luke’s (Victor Road) with St Paul’s and St Mary Magdalene’s

1984-1992 Rev Alan Kitchen Rector Parish of Manningham

1984-1985 Rev R Chesterfield Last Vicar of St Luke’s

1984-1987 Brother David Matthew St Mary Magdalene’s

1986-1992 Rev Geoffrey Coles St Paul’s Team Vicar

1987-1991 Rev A Symington St Mary’s Team Deacon

1993-1997 Rev Geoffrey Peters St Paul’s Team Vicar

1993-1998 Rev Brian Pierce St Marys Team Vicar

1993-2007 Rev Canon George Moffat Team Rector, A Queen’s Chaplain

1998-2004 Rev J Cooper St Mary’s Team Vicar

1999-2004 Rev W (Bob) Hill St Paul’s Team Vicar

2003-2004 Rev Julie Upton Honorary Curate

2005 June 26th St Mary Magdalene’s, White Abbey, Church closed

2004-2011 Rev Canon Dr Arun John St Paul’s Team Vicar

2010-2012 Rev Fiona Robertson Associate Priest

2012 Rev Paul Deo Assistant Curate

2012- 2018 Rev Alistair Helm Priest in Charge

2013- present Ian Fletcher Licenced Reader

2015 – present Rev Sue Jennings Curate

2018 July 1st Formation of Parish of Girlington, Heaton and Manningham

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