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All Hallows Weekend – 31 October and 1 November 2020

It was good to see so many of you at church physically or watching online today.
You may have noticed that the notices were a bit confusing! So here is a clear explanation of what will be happening in 2 weeks time.

31 October – Halloween Prayer Walking

Darkness has the threat of despair and misery while light has a promise of hope and restoration. We believe Jesus is our light – and in him there is no darkness at all. We are called to be people of Light.

On an evening often celebrated for Darkness – come join us as we prayer walk our communities as people of light.

We will gather to walk from each church at 4pm.

Each place we stop to pray we will leave a visible reminder that light wins and darkness has no power.

When: Saturday 31st October

Time: 4pm – 6pm

Where: Meet by the front door of either, St Martin’s, St Paul’s, St Barnabas or St Philip’s

1 November – All Hallows Day

We will commemorate All Hallows and All Souls Day together on 1st November. A day of prayer and thanksgiving to remember saints who have encouraged us in our Christian life and at this time of COVID-19 to remember those we have lost, but been unable to mourn them fully.

Communion Service at 11am – St Philip’s Church

Hope Restored – 2pm at St Paul’s Church

Come to NAME, REMEMBER and HONOUR the people or situations you find yourself mourning.

Everyone grieves differently but the journey from loss to hope is one we must all undertake.

This past season has left all of us with a sense of loss and mourning while searching for Hope for ourselves and those around us.

We will be using the grounds (and a bit inside as it will be raining) at St Paul’s creatively to look at the stages of grief and offer opportunities to respond. The invitation is for anyone who would like to come so please feel free to invite your friends, local community and neighbours.

When: Sunday 1st November

Time: Come between 2pm and 4pm

Where: St Paul’s Church grounds – Map Here

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