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Annual Meeting of Parishioners + APCM = Communion – 30th May 2021

This Sunday is a little different: we meet as usual to pray at 10am on Zoom.  Then at 11am we begin our 2 Annual Meetings that look back at 2020 and forward to the rest of 2021 and onto 2022.

The APCM will be on Zoom and live.  Please bear with us as we hold a hybrid event of this size for the first time.  If you come on Zoom you will be able to see and hear everything and we hope contribute audibly.  If Audio has technical problems you will certainly be able to ask your questions in the chat function.  It would be much better though if you come in person – please do!  There is room.

We will finish our meetings with a short Communion Service. This will not be on Zoom but on Youtube as usual – we can’t tell you the time but you’ll get a notification if you’ve subscribed to our channel.   If you aren’t subscribed and you’d like to be click here.

So in short the usual link will provide at 10am a prayer meeting, at 11am an APCM and then when that is over you can click it again to join the Youtube service as usual:


Before the APCM remember that the Agenda and our annual report for 2020 and the minutes of our last APCM are available for you to read and digest before the meeting.  We will print a number of copies of the report to be available at church.  Please come to this important meeting in person if you possibly can.  We promise it will be quick!  Sunday lunch can be delayed just this once……..

Download the Report here

Download previous APCM minutes here

Download the Agenda here

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