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Coronavirus Lockdown Update

As a Church we continue to be in regular contact with each other and we continue to pray for each other. Of course vulnerable are also still top of our agenda at difficult times.

We hope many of you managed to see our Livestream of the service last Sunday. We’re trying a different method this Sunday but will still be showing at 10.30 Sunday morning 29th March on our Youtube Channel. We won’t share the link yet – because last time that caused tech trouble. It will be very clear on the Channel. Our 5th Sunday’s have been healing services in recent times. It seems appropriate to continue that as we pray for healing in our nation.

Many are in contact on WhatsApp and social media. If you’re not on yet and wish you were – now might be a good time! Happy to help with anything techincal if you Contact Us

Lighting a Candle and putting it in your window at 7pm each day is also a good way to know you’re not alone. Many of us are doing that too.

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