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Holy Week and Easter Sunday 2020

Maundy Thursday

We are very nearly at Maundy Thursday and although we aren’t able to share a meal together in person, we do want to give the opportunity and time to pause and reflect on Jesus last evening before his death.

Therefore, if you would like please gather your households and share a meal together. Here is a helpful meal guide and the symbolism each element represents. Eating at 6pm

It’s an opportunity to read the story together and if you’re feeling brave…. Wash each other’s feet. Read Mark 14:12-26 together……

Perhaps during your meal remember the Passover story and symbolism as you eat. You may even have some of the ingredients in the cupboard!

It would be great also if we can create our own last supper artwork : so if your able please can you take a selfie of you and anyone else in your household all on the same side of the table and email or what app it to me and I will try compile it together… let’s try get as many of us as possible round the table.

Finally, please be invited join us at 7pm for a video catch up, coffee, pudding eating, reflection of the evening by clicking the following link.

(Chrome browser is best – or download the app?)

Hope to see you all then.

Good Friday

At 2.30pm we will have a meditative service we can watch together again on Youtube

It will be helpful to have Mark Chapter 15 open in your bible

Easter Sunday

At 10.30am we’ll celebrate the Risen Jesus in an entirely new way. The same fantastic truths, the same wonderful story, but separately in our homes!  Also found online at:

You can follow along with the responses here.



Christ is Risen
He is Risen indeed – Alleluia!

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