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New Wine Breaks Out 11am on 2 August 2020

GHM at New Wine in 2019

This week on Sunday there is a lot going on!

  1. We are not meeting online till 11am
  2. We will be joining in with the National New Wine Conference – see below
  3. No zoom coffee after church because…..
  4. We’re meeting in real life with a Picnic followed by communion from 1-3pm at St Martin’s

New Wine Breaks Out

New Wine starts on Thursday 30th July at 8pm. Sessions continue over a long weekend – please take advantage of this great opportunity.

Clicking on this link takes you to all the content:

Arena and Impact are for adults, you can choose! When we go as a church we usually go to Impact – but no pressure.

Luminosity is for teenagers, 11-18. There are also Kids sessions

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