Parish Social Events 2019-2020

This coming academic year we will try to hold 3 events at each of the 4 churches, each with a different focus.

Community events – to bless the people in our Parish. 

Invitation events – to bring family and friends to. 

Church Family events – for us to spend time together and to get to know one another.

The idea is that the community events are across the Parish – “all hands on deck” to help and prepare.  The other events are more “in house” – but for the whole Parish

Here they are – please put them in your diary!


28 Sept 2019 at St Paul’s, Harvest Supper – Church Family

2 Nov 2019 at St Barnabas, Bonfire –– Community

16 Nov 2019 at St Paul’s, Quiz Night (Tear Fund) – Invitation

30 Nov 2019 at St Philip’s, Christmas Fair –– Community

14 Dec 2019 at St Martin’s, Christmas Lunch – Invitation

25 Feb 2020 at St Martin’s, Pancakes–– Community

29 Feb 2020 at St Philip’s, Film Night – Invitation

28 Mar 2020 at St Barnabas, Beetle Drive – Church Family

25 April 2020 at St Philip’s, Coffee Morning – Church Family

16 May 2020 at St Martin’s, Vicarage Cream Tea – Church Family

13 June 2020 at St Paul’s, Manningham – on – Sea –– Community

4 July 2020 Date TBC at St Barnabas, Heaton Gala – Invitation

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