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Remembrance Sunday 2021


A year ago we were in a sudden short lockdown 2. It was planned to ‘Save Christmas’ – but we knew that Christmas didn’t need saving because Christmas is what saves us! So plans for Remembrance Sunday were rapidly changed.  This year we have the chance to remember together again.

Sunday 14th November 2021 we have our Breakfast Church – we will Remember in all sorts of ways.  We will incorporate a short communion in our 9.30am prayers.  Breakfast will begin at 10.30am – it will be a bit different from last month.  We will meet and pray and then get our food so we eat together.  This is at St Paul’s Manningham

This service will not be livestreamed – we’ll try to give a flavour of how it went on our Youtube channel later in the day.


The reason for this early email is because we have a Remembrance Service in Heaton Graveyard on Friday 12th November at 10.45am.  Children from local Primary schools will be joining us.

The Manningham War Memorial was unveiled in February 1921 and on Sunday there will be a short ceremony there at 12 noon to mark 100 years – the names of the fallen from the memorial were moved from St Luke’s and are now in St Paul’s.

St Paul’s Church Clean up 20th November 10.30

St Paul’s has never been fully refitted since the refurbishment in late 2019.  We would like to put a few things back on walls and generally get the church spruced up before lots of visitors over Christmas time.  To tempt you to come and help we are offering bacon butties at 10.30 as long as you promise to work hard from 11-1pm!  If you’re not able to do the heavy lifting we would love you to come and keep the kettle on and morale up.




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