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Sunday 10th January 2021 – Jesus through the eyes of….

As we enter Epiphany we will be looking at ‘first encounters’ with Jesus.  Those lightbulb moments when people suddenly get who Jesus is and what his arrival means for them and the world.

This week it is “Jesus through the eyes of…. John the Baptist”

We have a Zoom prayer meeting at 10am – time to see each other and interact as well as pray.

At 11am we have a Youtube service that you’re all used to by now.  Links as always are here:

Christmas Provision

Thank you so much for your generosity over Christmas and a huge thank to Clare and many other volunteers for organising, cooking, delivering etc.

The totals were:

Total Christmas parcels distributed – including Christmas day dinners 161

Total number of adults fed 184

Total number of children fed 140

Total number of individual meals distributed 2575

Well Done!

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