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Sunday 11 October 2020 – Jesus gives Life

On Sunday morning we will conclude our series with 1 John Chapter 5

The theme is Jesus gives ‘life’

What’s that about during lockdown? How do I have ‘eternal’ life? Join with us to find out!

Again it will be at 10.45.

We’ll have Zoom prayer afterwards at 11.15.

All links that you need are here:



We have moved our APCM date that was supposed to be next week to:
15 November 2020 – 10am – details to follow

Sunday Services
As the nights will be drawing in we are going to move our 4pm Communion service to 11am – still at St Philip’s starting Sunday 18th October. This means the online worship will be live from St Philip’s at 11am – but may be a bit wobbly the first couple of weeks – please bear with us.
We will be praying for this service and for our city and nation at 10am. This is not just for vicars! Please come and join the prayer time. You might even prefer to pray and not stay for communion – that is fine. We will try a few different ways of doing things in the first few weeks, please come and see, and give feedback!

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