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Sunday 12 July 2020 – Honest to God – The Psalms

This Sunday we continue our series on Psalms – our theme is "Fear". Psalm 142

All the links you need for Sunday services and Zoom Coffee are here: – feel free to bookmark it.

Last week after our introduction to the Psalms we split into three groups and wrote a Psalm together in our Zoom coffee.

Here are the results. When the new Archbishop of York visits Bradford we’ll propose them to the powers that be with the following names!

Psalm 151

God you are looking after me constantly at this difficult time – but I sometimes feel you are not answering me. In my life you have supported me and held me. You’ve opened my eyes

Help me to tell others about you, to love them and be patient. Help me to know what you want me to do and to understand your ways.

I struggle with putting you first. I struggle with the confusion at the moment.

I trust that you are always at work in the world and in control.

Psalm 152

God you are Gracious and Patient. You are Kind and Loving. Why are you losing followers?

In my life you have guided and protected me. You have been faithful and provided abundantly, give me faith and courage to overcome.

Help me to trust you and to know the right steps for me today. Help me to pray for Iran.

I struggle when I am feeling disconnected with you and others. I struggle with grief and trusting you through the chaos

I trust that you are working even when I cannot see it. I trust that you are faithful and in control of my life.

Psalm 153

God you are Everything! A glorious certainty to me and the strength that keeps me grounded.

In my life you have always been there. You have never failed to amaze me. You have placed peace and hope on my heart. You have been my refuge

Help me to share your goodness with others and to find my rest in You.

Help me to never wander away from You, I want to see Your glory and to be at peace.

I struggle with my loss of independence; with the hostility and division I see around me. Everything in me wants to shout: LISTEN! Get a grip!!

I trust that you are working out your purposes in me and those around me. Guide us on the right path.

You are bigger than I can ever understand.

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