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Sunday 13 September 2020 – We have Seen and Heard – 1 John 1

This week we are studying the First Letter from John by looking at Chapter 1.

We hear passionate encouragement from John to the Church to get back to the truth – “we have seen and heard”.
Again we have been knocked back to 10.45am automatically by Youtube. Perhaps someone somewhere feels we need to have a lie in?

This week we will be praying in our breakout rooms in the after church zoom – 11.15am We have a lot to pray about. School opening. Bradford Infection Spikes. New Government Guidance. Our 4pm communion service at St Philip’s.
Please join us if you don’t usually. Zoom is not for everyone, but you may be needed not for what you get from it, but for the encouragement that you can bring to others and to the Scattered Church.

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