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Sunday 14 June 2020 – “Taking the Gospel to Judea”

This week we are going to be looking at what “Taking the Gospel to Judea” could mean for us today. What does Judea represent for our everyday life and what can we learn from the Disciples in Acts. Our Youtube Channel

We will be looking at Acts 3 – 4:31 which is an easy reading story but also quite long – it would be good if you had time to read the story beforehand. As we will have time to get stuck into the unfolding story and its what that means for us today. Please come armed with a piece of paper and a pen each or print this document off.

We will have space for some reflection or conversation within your households as we go – it could even spill over into coffee break out groups if you would like.

Coffee time link here:

Meeting ID: 919 2509 3710 Password: 206671

Questions about Lockdown

On another note – we have been asking questions about how the Lockdown has changed how we do church and what we think about church. We have four questions and have made a list of statements under each. Please can you fill this in online ASAP? Even if you had a hand in making it – please still fill it in!

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