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Sunday 15th October 2023 – Follow Me: The Cost of Following Jesus – Parish Communion

This week we are gathering together at 10:30am at St Paul’s Church for our Parish Communion service

We are continuing our new sermon series called ‘Follow Me’ as we focus on what it means to follow Jesus with our whole lives. This will be the focus at both our weekly Communion services, so whether you join us on a Sunday at St Paul’s or a Wednesday at St Barnabas, we’ll be thinking about discipleship and following Jesus, together.

Our Scripture reading will be from Matthew 8:18-22

To see the live stream of the service click here.


(To get notices on this page please email  – we can’t promise to put all on – but will do our best!)

Follow Me Follow On

What did Jesus mean by ‘Follow me’ and how can we do that in 2023?  To aid us in our thinking we will start a new zoom discussion group.  It is every Tuesday at 5pm.  You can find our Zoom link here it will be no more than 45 mins.  Come with questions and thoughts from the Sunday sermon!!


As a parish we are looking forward to celebrating baptisms towards the end of November! If you haven’t been baptised before and would like to talk about what that means and looks like, chat to one of the leaders after the service.


There are many in our parish who regularly give to the church through a Direct Debit to our bank account. If you do – firstly thank you so much for your generosity! It would be a great help though if you transferred across to using the Parish Giving Scheme. As charity rules, tax claims etc become more complicated it is increasingly becoming a big task to claim back the 20% we can get on top of your gift. Joining the Parish Giving Scheme makes it all so much easier for us – and easier for you too! Please speak to Zarine if you want to know more about it – or click the links!

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