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Sunday 20th June 2021 – Baptism Service and Farewell to Sue

The weather forecast for Sunday has meant a few changes need to be made to our plans.

We have a Baptism service at St Paul’s Church – Manningham starting at 11am.  It will be inside and we will do our best to cope with COVID regulations.  So please bring your mask and sorry but after promising that we’d sing it will not be possible this time.  We are not fully setup for streaming but we can certainly send a live feed of the proceedings online so if you cannot make it please lookout for notifications from YouTube.

We will also be saying a very fond farewell to Rev Sue Jennings, our Associate Vicar.  She has been central to our leadership in the Parish for many years now and it will be very hard to say goodbye.

We will attempt to have some sort of event afterwards it may not be what it should be!  Please bear with us, and please remember that you really do need to follow instructions when asked to stay in your seat and keep your mask on.

As a way for you all to contribute to the Baptism can you please bring a thermos flask with boiling water in it. During the service we will all pour our hot water contributions into the full size baptismal pool – bringing something from our own homes as a contribution.  It will also make the whole experience more pleasant for our baptism candidates.

10am Prayer meeting at St Paul’s –  St Paul’s Rd, Bradford BD8 7LS

11am Baptism and Communion service

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