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Sunday 21st April 2024 – From the Cross – Reconciliation – Communion Service

In these Sundays from Easter to Pentecost we are looking more carefully at the Cross of Jesus and what it means

This week we will continue with: RECONCILIATION

Our service is at 10.30am at St Paul’s Church.  This is a service with Sunday School, Sunday Youth and Communion.

Our reading will be 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

The live stream of the service is here. We will start streaming at 10.25am


(To get notices on this page please email – we can’t promise to put all on – but will do our best!)

Lantern making – TOMORROW – 20th April 

Cecil Arts are hosting a lantern making workshop in St Paul’s Church tomorrow 10-1 (snacks provided).  We will be making them for the lantern parade at 8pm in Robert’s park in Saltaire on Saturday 27th April.

Bubble Church

Special Service for young children and their families – 4.30pm this Sunday – St Martin’s Heaton

Annual Church Meeting – APCM

This will take place NEXT Sunday – 28th April.  We will send out the papers, reports and information in a separate email very soon.

Roots and Routes – Sunday 5th May

You’ll remember we made a recipe book filled with stories for Christmas.  We’re going to celebrate that with an event on Sunday 5th May (Not 20th April 2024 as previously announced) at St Paul’s Manningham – this will be a special service combined with meeting the people in the stories and tasting the food!  10.30 for church – 12 noon for the celebration.  Bishop Toby will join us for this event.

Pentecost – 19th May 2024

On Pentecost Sunday Churches across Bradford are holding a wonderful public act of witness in City Park on 19th May 2024 – in the afternoon.  Please keep it free and more details are coming!

Summer Dates

More information to come – but save the dates!

30th May – Heaton Hub Community Day – Family Fun at Half Term
8th June – Celebrating 160 year of St Barnabas Church – Afternoon Tea and Service
16th June – Manningham on Sea – Community fun day in Manningham
6th July – Heaton Gala – Community fun day in Heaton

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