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Sunday 28th June 2020 – To the Ends of the Earth

This Sunday we finish our mini series on the Holy Spirit and the Challenge Jesus gave to all who follow him. We have got to "The Ends of the Earth".
Don’t forget a pen and A4 paper!

We have 2 interviews this week – one is from missionaries that our Parish supports. If you didn’t know about the Torren family working in Kyiv, Ukraine you can find out more here. Sarah used to attend St Philip’s Church.

In the coming week we will be praying and blessing the Parish by leaving hearts with a tag on them saying that we’re praying and offering the opportunity to send in prayers. Meeting details are not entirely finalised but they will be available here soon.

Next week we will start a new series to take us through the summer. It is called "Honest to God" and we will be looking at the Psalms together.

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