Sunday 4th October 2020 – God is Love

On Sunday morning we will continue our series with 1 John Chapter 4

The Title is "God is Love"
We will ask ourselves “So what difference does that make to my life?”

Again it will be at 10.45am

All links that you need are here:

We’ll have Zoom prayer afterwards at 11.15.

If you’re coming to the Communion Service at 4pm (St Philip’s) we hope to develop some of the themes of the morning service.
Remember that all public places are being asked to take a register or those who come in for more than a few minutes. You will also have the opportunity to check in using the NHS App that can be found here:


If you’ve not been before please come! We still have room for you! Details of what to expect are here:

For those who have used it before the Daily Hope Telephone Service has a new Chair Exercises section – something to try!?
Call 0800 804 8044
Once you’ve connected to this free call you can press the number for different options:

1 Hymns we Love – short talks about Hymns
2 Hymnline – recordings of Hymns on a loop
3 Chair Exercises – different every day
4 Daily Reflection read by Pam Rhodes

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