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Sunday 9th January 2022 – Breakfast Church – Anna & Simeon at the Temple


“Simeon and Anna” by Julie Lonneman

On Sunday we will have Breakfast Church.  This service is particularly designed to be ‘non churchy’ – so please think about who you could bring with you!  We will eat and worship all at the same time.  We are continuing our series  “On the Road with Jesus” This week it is Anna and Simeon at the temple – a pause on the road

We will begin serving food at 10.30am – so come before then to be sure of a seat!  We usually pray an hour before our services begin so we will pray at 9.30am.  On Sunday our prayer time will include a short informal communion service as well.


Livestreaming – we don’t plan to stream Breakfast Church.  It doesn’t lend itself to YouTube.

COVID-19 hasn’t gone away!  Please remember your mask and keep up the handwashing!

Christmas Food

This year over the 2 weeks we distributed 316 shops and Christmas boxes.  This means we have impacted 1263 people – 699 adults and 552 children.  We also fed 94 people their Christmas day dinner!  Many thanks to Clare and Michelle and the many many volunteers who made that happen!

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