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The Future – Parish Forum September 2021

We plan to have a Parish Forum to talk about the future of our Parish and how we will move forward out of the pandemic.

We will meet at 11am in St Martin’s Church Hall on Sunday 19th September 2021.  We will have a ’round tables’ time of discussion as well as a short communion service.  Afterwards we will provide a soup and roll lunch.

I have written down some thoughts of what we need to talk about as well as what will be unhelpful to talk about.  You can download it here: Letter to the Parish – Gathered Worship 2021

Please remember that we MUST think differently, creatively and positively for our church to be here for future generations.  Remember the Parable of the Two Luncheon Clubs and the meaning explained on this video:

This meeting is really very important. Please come along ready to think, talk and pray about our future.

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