What if Jesus Came to my House? – October 2021

October will be a month of changing things around a bit.  We are going to try all the options we have to engage with people who have not been attending our services during lockdown.  We hope it will look something like this.

Sunday 3rd October – All Age Communion Service 10.30am (9.30 prayer)

The Sad and Happy Home – Jarius’ Daughter

Sunday 10th October  – Breakfast church  10am soft start (9am Prayer with Informal Communion)

The Greedy home – Zacchaeus

Sunday 17thOctober  – ‘Juicy’ with Communion 10.30am (9.30 prayer)

The Snobby home:  The Woman who Anoints Jesus

Sunday 24thOctober  – Youth service with Communion 10.30am (9.30 prayer)

The Crowded home – Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man

Sunday 31stOctober  – Trad Sunday School – with Communion 10.30am (9.30 prayer)

The Family home:  Healing Peter’s Mother in Law

‘Juicy’ is a the only relatively new concept to our Parish.  We can’t tell you exactly how it will look.  But the basic idea is that we meet together at the start and at the end of the service but the middle has many options of where you go.  Perhaps a craft activity, maybe you’d like to sit quietly, or make the story out of Lego, some may prefer a discussion group.

Please remember that we are trying these ideas out.  We’d love helpful and honest feedback – preferably not straight away, while people are tired and still processing it themselves!

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