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Palm Sunday 28th March 2021 – Parish Boundary Walk

This Sunday at 10am we gather as usual to pray on Zoom.

Then at 11am we will meet outside at 6 points around our Parish boundary – from each of those points we will set off in opposite directions to create 12 circular walks.  All the details are found here.


We are still bound by lockdown rules so although we are walking together we are only actually ‘together’ online as we share our progress with each other and those at home on our WhatsApp group.

In the evening we will watch ‘together’ a compilation of all your photos and videos, prayers and thoughts on the walk – that will be at 7.30pm

All links as usual on


Holy Week is upon us and there are many details to share about Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Another update will be out on Monday about services.  We are going to try and read some of the key scriptures together in the coming week.  Details are to be found on this Letter to the Parish for Easter


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