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Sunday 15th August 2021 – Heroes of the Old Testament – GIDEON

This Sunday we hope you can join us at 11am at St Philip’s Church for our Parish Communion service.

We will be looking at the story of  Gideon.

The service will be livestreamed as usual – also prayer will be at 10am before the service in the church.

Due to holidays we won’t be having the Zoom-in option at prayers for the next couple of weeks.  Sorry  We’ll also be suspending the phone-in at Weds Communion.  Apologies for that, it is just to make the whole experience less stressful to setup as lots of people are away.

We will be livestreaming, but again bear with us as we’ll have far less people doing the background work (that means one!) and switching cameras, playing music and adjusting mics is just not possible at the same time!

We’re still at the usual link:


This week we’re transferring our website to new hosts.  It should go smoothly – but if it disappears from view, apologies in advance!  If you aren’t subscribed to our Youtube channel and you’d like to be click here. Each church also has WhatsApp prayer groups – so if you’re not in one please contact us.

If the Webpage doesn’t work – try –

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