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Sunday 1st August 2021 – Heroes of the Old Testament – JOSHUA

This Sunday we continue  with our “Heroes of the Old Testament” series at St Philip’s Church at 11am.

This week it is Joshua – following on from Moses last week. Joshua 1: 1-11

The service will be livestreamed as usual – also prayer will be at 10am before the service in the church – you can also join on Zoom with those praying at the church.  Both at the usual link:


We will be singing – but no other changes will be made to our Risk Assessment for Coronavirus.  Please remember that wearing a mask hardly protects you from infection.  But if you’re infectious it really helps you not to be spreading it to other.  So wearing a mask really is a visible sign that you ‘Love your Neighbour’.  See below for a very clear graphic that we’ll be trying to stick to at least for the coming weeks.



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