Sunday 17th October – The Snobby Home – JUICY

On Sunday we continue with our series “What if Jesus Came to my House?”

The service will be in a style we’ve never tried before. Essentially we will start and end together in one place – but in the middle you choose where you want to go to engage with the Bible Story. Each room and space will be in a different style suitable for all.  We’re calling it JUICY because we really want to squeeze everything we can out of the story. The Snobby home: The Woman who Anoints Jesus

This Communion service is at St Paul’s Manningham – at 10.30am (9.30 for prayer beforehand)

We’ll try to livestream it at but it may not be the ‘normal’ offering!

Please remember that as was said at the Parish Forum – it really helps us evaluate these new types of service if you give constructive feedback.  So please come along, even if it may not be what you’re used to!

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