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Sunday 24th October – The Crowded home – Youth Led Service

This Sunday our Youth group will lead the service.  Our topic is looking at Luke 5:17-26 – the story of the Paralyzed man, his faithful friends and the broken roof! Please come to encourage them.  This is the first time trying this and as you know the reason we have made this latest change is to support and encourage our youngest Disciples.

We meet to pray beforehand at 9.30 and the service is at 10.30am – St Paul’s Church Manningham

We will be livestreaming at

Great news. From now on we will have tea and coffee after the service!


Please make an effort to visit one of our Places of Welcome this week if you haven’t been yet.  We are working hard to make our churches open for our community at different times.

Monday – St Paul’s – 10.30-2pm

Tuesday – St Philip’s Community Pantry 10.30-1

Wednesday – St Barnabas Communion and fellowship 10.30-11.30

Thursday – St Martin’s, Heaton Hub Library and Pantry – 10.30-1pm

Friday – St Paul’s Café – 12-2pm

At the very least all of these events will offer you a cup of tea or coffee – but you might meet some people you don’t know. You could also help make the tea!  All welcome.  Don’t forget all rotas and timetables are published in our Diary online

Also this coming week the Seated Aerobics will start again live and in person!  St Barnabas Village Hall Thursdays at 2pm.

U:nite – a united youth group of Churches across Bradford. This month hosted by us at Heaton St Barnabas School



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