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Sunday 23 October 2022 – All Age Communion Service


This week on Sunday we continue to look at the Sermons of Jesus – looking at the story where Jesus blesses the children and the Rich Man you can find the Bible passage in Luke 18:15-30.  Our Parish Communion service is on Sunday at 10.30am – St Paul’s Church Manningham

Live stream for our service will be available via this link –


Ben’s Sister

Please pray for Ben and his family – his sister has died suddenly after having long term health issues.  He’s taking some time off and travelling to see family.

Interfaith Prayer for Peace in the Congo Bradford Cathedral 

To commemorate Congo Week and Black History Month Bradford Cathedral is holding an Prayer Vigil to to help us pray for peace.

Bradford Theology School

This is a new initiative for anyone wanting to gain a greater knowledge of God, Scripture and theology.  Have a look at the information on the website for details.

Lantern Festival

Some are making lanterns in our Places of Welcome and we want to be officially present as a Parish for this lovely community event.  It is in Lister Park on 28th October 2022 at 6pm

Recipes and Stories

We have some funding for community cohesion around a possible GHM recipe book,  The idea would be to tell a story that relates to a recipe – maybe a family favourite, or something that matches with a special memory.  We hope that this can bring community together to talk, share and cook.  Also it would result in our very own recipe book.  Can you think if you’d like to contribute or if it is something you can help us with.  Ask Michelle for more details or Contact us.


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