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Thy Kingdom Come Service – 24 May 2020

As we have been doing for the past 2 months we gather this Sunday at 10.30

This week you need a sheet of A4 paper again with a pair of scissors if possible. You could also download and print the the blessing that we’ll make here if you’re not arty in the morning!

After church we’re going to try Zoom Coffee time – please join us online again if you can – just click this link –

Meeting ID: 991 0562 1393 Password: 830923

As part of our prayer for the Thy Kingdom Come initiative we have signed the whole parish up for 12 hours prayer on the Bradford 24/7 prayer website.

Our sign up sheet is here:

Please write your name in the hour that you can commit to praying for the city and the nation.

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All Age Service – May 17 2020

This Sunday we will meet as usual at 10.30am on Youtube:

It is an All Age Service and you will need to have a piece of A5 paper if you want to do the craft.

After church we’re going to try Zoom Coffee time – please join us online. You’re allowed to come in your PJs if you have to!

For the week after – 26th May 2020 we will be looking at prayer for the Thy Kingdom Come initiative. One thing we have done is sign the whole parish up for 12 hours prayer on the Bradford 24/7 prayer website.

Our sign up sheet is here:

Please write your name in the hour that you can commit to praying for the city and the nation. We’ll remind you next week too!

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Sunday 10 May 2020 – Christian Aid

It’s Christian Aid Week and our service this Sunday focuses on the work of Christian Aid.

We will be sharing in a simple ‘agape’: to get ready for the service you will need some simple food (bread, bun etc) and/or a drink (juice, water) – or simply a hot mug of tea or coffee!

All services found at: – please subscribe to our channel

Christian Aid have produced a variety of resources for the week including prayer and also a quiz to take part in. You can find these at

Hope to see you at 10.30am on Sunday.

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Sunday Service 26 April 2020

This Sunday we will have a Communion Service on Youtube as is the new ‘normal’. Please subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already done so – There is quite a community of us live chatting at 10.30 as the service goes out.

We were fully prepared for our APCM before the Lockdown so we will present some of the things we wanted to say this Sunday as well as a recap of 2019.  We will still have an APCM at some point in future but by then I think we’ll be well past thinking about 2019!
Our Report this year is in 2 parts.  A short ‘At a Glance’ letter that is 2 sides of A4.  You can read or download that here.  Farsi version also available. –   فارسی
The main Trustees report is far more comprehensive – you can read that here.

We hope you can join us this Sunday – we will have a meeting to look at these reports thoroughly but until then all questions and comments are welcome if you Contact Us.

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Wednesday Morning Prayer 9am

A small group of us normally meet once a week to say morning prayer together and then spend time praying for our parish and those who live and work among us.

In this current season, we have been meeting with video prayers and although not perfect we have it working mostly well and would like to re-invite anyone who want to join us.
The meeting time is 9am every Wednesday and will last between 30-40 mins.
The Readings and Liturgy will be at this link:

You can join us on phone, tablet or laptop.

On a tablet or phone you’ll need an app – which is quick to download. If you’re on the computer Chrome browser is the best to use.
The meeting room is always open – so go and have a look now! If it’s not Wednesday at 9am you’ll be on your own, but you can check it all works beforehand.

To join by phone instead dial 02034815240, then when asked the code is 98830562044# – then press # again to join (no participant number needed!)

Hope to see/hear some of you there!

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Sunday Service 19 April 2020

This week we will take it easy a little – and reflect on a few very strange weeks.

We will ‘meet’ again together at 10.30am on Sunday – the video as usual is on our Youtube Channel:

We will watch a trip around the Parish – that some of you may have seen before – but time far slower. There will be pauses for prayer and ideas. It might be a blessing for some of you stuck in the house to see fields and woodland! Then we’ll sing at the end.

If you want to interact you can download this A4 sheet:

It gives space to write down what comes to mind and perhaps inform your prayer through the week? If you’re very keen you could colour it in and put it in your window!

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Crochet Bombing Bradford

We have an exciting project for you to be involved in. Michelle Moyle is looking to collect lots of small crocheted/knitted hearts and flowers to leave around Girlington, Heaton and Manningham when the lockdown is lifted. Are you able to knit or crochet? The hearts and flowers need to be around 5-10cm in size and can be as simple or as fancy as you like. We will attach a label to each one with the message ‘There is hope’ with church/project contact details on the other side. People will be able to pick them up as they are out and about in the parish.

There are some great tutorials here…

They are great for beginners if you fancy learning!

Please contact us if you plan on making any so we know how many to expect, we can pick them up when lockdown is lifted. If you need any wool, needles or hooks please let us know as we have some spare ones at St Paul’s.

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Holy Week and Easter Sunday 2020

Maundy Thursday

We are very nearly at Maundy Thursday and although we aren’t able to share a meal together in person, we do want to give the opportunity and time to pause and reflect on Jesus last evening before his death.

Therefore, if you would like please gather your households and share a meal together. Here is a helpful meal guide and the symbolism each element represents. Eating at 6pm

It’s an opportunity to read the story together and if you’re feeling brave…. Wash each other’s feet. Read Mark 14:12-26 together……

Perhaps during your meal remember the Passover story and symbolism as you eat. You may even have some of the ingredients in the cupboard!

It would be great also if we can create our own last supper artwork : so if your able please can you take a selfie of you and anyone else in your household all on the same side of the table and email or what app it to me and I will try compile it together… let’s try get as many of us as possible round the table.

Finally, please be invited join us at 7pm for a video catch up, coffee, pudding eating, reflection of the evening by clicking the following link.

(Chrome browser is best – or download the app?)

Hope to see you all then.

Good Friday

At 2.30pm we will have a meditative service we can watch together again on Youtube

It will be helpful to have Mark Chapter 15 open in your bible

Easter Sunday

At 10.30am we’ll celebrate the Risen Jesus in an entirely new way. The same fantastic truths, the same wonderful story, but separately in our homes!  Also found online at:

You can follow along with the responses here.



Christ is Risen
He is Risen indeed – Alleluia!