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Sunday 16th April 2023 – Ready for the Spirit Week 1- Parish Communion

It was such a joy to journey through Holy Week to Easter Sunday together! But for us as the Church, the joyful celebration of Easter didn’t end on Sunday- it continues for 50 days as we look towards Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

As we celebrate Easter and prepare for Pentecost together, we’re starting a new series on Sunday mornings: Ready for the Spirit.

This Sunday we are kicking off the series at our Parish Communion service, 10:30am at St Paul’s Church.

Our Bible reading will be Romans 8:1-17

To see the live stream of the service click here:


(To get notices on this page please email  – we can’t promise to put all on – but will do our best!)

Royal Manningham-on-Sea

On Sunday 7th May, following the King’s Coronation, we are having a day of fun at Manningham-on-Sea at St Pauls!

There is much to be done to make this a fun and celebratory day in our community and we’d love your help.

If you would like to be involved, please stay behind after the service on Sunday and hear more about what you might be able to do!


Saturday 22nd April, 2–7pm at St Stephen’s West Bowling

Have you ever wondered how to make a difference with Climate Change?

S Stephen’s Church are hosting an afternoon to explore how climate change affects our local area and what we can do to make a positive change.

Many more details and booking found on their website.



Sunday 23rd April- APCM

On Sunday 23rd we are having our APCM after the service. This is our annual whole church meeting in which we look back at what God has done among us, and receive reports on different areas of Church life. And we look forward asking God what He wants to do next- and we elect Churchwardens, PCC members and Deanery Synod reps, people who will serve the Church in the coming years.

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