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Sunday 23rd January – Communion Service – Jesus Lost in the Temple

On Sunday we have a Communion Service at St Paul’s Church with Sunday School.

This week the topic is Jesus Lost in the Temple

We have only one more week with this “On the Road” series before we move to look at the Letter from James

We will livestream this service at the usual link –


COVID-19 hasn’t gone away!  Please remember your mask and keep up the handwashing and distancing!

Sunday 23rd January 2022 – is the week for Christian Unity.  In the past we met all together with churches from across our area for a United Service.  This year due to COVID it is scaled back so our service at St Paul’s will be continuing as normal.  Some of you may want to go and support this great event at 10.30 in Westgate Baptist Church, 107 Carlisle Road, BD8 8BY

In case you missed the information posted last week about our new curate please see the introduction to Emma Wilkinson


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