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Sunday 26th March 2023 – Encounters with Jesus: The Dead Man – All Age

This week we have our All Age Communion service at 10:30am at St Paul’s Church.

We’re continuing our sermon series on Encounters with Jesus as we journey towards Holy Week and Easter. This week we are thinking about how Jesus encounters the Dead Man and brings about new life!!

Our Bible reading this week is John 11:1-45

To see the live stream of the service click here:


Our final Lent Course session is tomorrow- Saturday at St Paul’s – not too late to join!  10.30am
We’ll also be focusing on Encounters with Jesus at those sessions together.
The Clocks go forward!
The clocks go forward on Saturday night, meaning we lose an hour of sleep but gain lots of lighter evenings!
round black and white analog alarm clock
This a reminder to make sure your clocks go forward so that you don’t miss out on our meeting together on Sunday!!
Holy Week and Easter
Holy Week is a really special and important time for Christians as we remember Jesus’ death. To mark this week we are going to meet together to walk the way of the Cross with the Lord.
Palm Sunday – Communion service with Sunday School – St Paul’s 10.30am
Holy Wednesday – Communion service at St Barnabas 10:30am.
Maundy Thursday- A Meal in the Upper Room at St Paul’s 7pm.
Good Friday – A service for reflection at St Barnabas 2:30pm.
low angle view of cross with red garment
Easter Sunday- Churches Together Dawn Service on Heaton Hill 6:30am, followed by breakfast in the Village Hall
Easter Sunday- All Age Communion at St Paul’s, 10:30am.
Electoral Roll
If you have been attending our church for a while and are not on our Electoral Roll we would love you to officially join our church – you can do this over the next few weeks.  Also we will be removing some people from the Roll who have moved away and can no longer attend.  Sorry about this, it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten you – it’s just housekeeping!

Royal Manningham-on-Sea

A date for your diary!

On Sunday 7th May, following the King’s Coronation, we are having a day of fun at Manningham-on-Sea at St Pauls!

There is much to be done to make this a fun and celebratory day in our community and we’d love your help.

If you would like to be involved, please talk to Emma, Clare or Michelle.

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