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Sunday 4th February 2024 – Special RESTORE Service

Hope to see you  at Church on Sunday morning.

Our Parish worship service is at 10.30am at St Paul’s Church.  This will be an All Age RESTORE Service.  If you don’t know what RESTORE is – it’s what we call our work with the community during the week.

We will be hearing from those who have been coming to our church buildings for many years  – but rarely or never to a Sunday service.

Why do they come?  What attracts them?  How do we serve this community in the name of Jesus?

Many questions!

All will be answered on Sunday….. if you can’t make it the live stream of the service is here. We will start streaming at 10.25am



We’re trying to get a selection of “GHM Songs” that we sing more often and get to know better.  Also to help our fledgling music group to play songs we know really well.  So we’ve made 2 playlists for you that we’ll add to over time.  Please follow, subscribe etc etc.  Spotify and/or Youtube

Bubble Church

Come along – 4.30pm this Sunday – St Martin’s Heaton

Saturday Discipleship Brunch

Thanks to all those who came.  We really enjoyed our time reading the Bible together – we’re going to have another one TOMORROW Saturday 3rd February at 10.30 – St Paul’s Manningham

Riding Lights – at the Cathedral

This is a really good Christian theatre company that are putting on a show on 28th February to help us on the way to Easter

Lent Retreat with Bishop Toby

Welcome to a Lent retreat led by Bishop Toby, in Bradford Cathedral 17th February 10am-1pm. (9.30am for refreshments)

This retreat will offer opportunities to reflect, pray, be silent and connect with others.

Lent is a time to follow Jesus more closely in our world today and to prepare our hearts and minds for Good Friday and Easter.

All are welcome. Please do bring along friends and parishioners.

The event is free but it will help to know if you are planning to attend. To book your place, please email

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